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If you are a blogger, you obviously want the traffic of visitors on your blog to increase. You want to see the number of subscribers on your blog increase exponentially. Now how to do this? First let us understand, why people usually read blogs.

  • To increase awareness: Blogs are an avenue for millions of people to share experiences, express their views and opinions, share information or just share random thoughts that they feel need to be shared. So, a person who subscribes to blogs is seeking opinions and views that may affect his or her decisions about a company, a story, a practice, a product, and so on.
  • To communicate: Subscribers to blogs do so to communicate. Nothing is more exciting than receiving a response to a comment on a blog! Blogging is a form of social network democracy and allows full freedom of speech!
    Now that we know what attracts readers to blog, we have to drive traffic to your blog. The visitors have to be converted to loyal readers, who are interested enough in your blog to subscribe to it.

    Consider the following to increase the number of subscribers to your blog:
  • ASK VISITORS TO SUBSCRIBE: The simplest way to get visitors to your blog to subscribe is to just ASK them! Do not feel hesitant. By asking, you will get direct results. Remember, that by asking readers to subscribe to your blog, you are not being aggressive. Rather, you are just reminding them and prodding them in the right direction. You can add the message to subscribe at the end of your blog, which can directly connect to your feed subscription page.
  • MAKE SUBSCRIPTION SIMPLE: Make it easy and simple for visitors to subscribe to your blog, and once they do, the traffic on your blog is up! The subscription process should be small as possible and simple, so that readers fill in minimum fields. Reduce the number of steps and data to be filled in, to avoid your reader abounding the subscription processes or getting diverted. Make subscription options, both by RSS and email, as prominent and easily identifiable as possible on your blog. Use a RSS icon that will catch your reader’s eyes, and attract them into signing up. The subscription link must be positioned in a highly visible location on every page in your blog. You can also consider putting subscription link in between your blog posts. Some readers may prefer to have e-mail subscriptions, as they do not like RSS or simply do not understand it. So have the e-mail option for your blog, so that readers can get it direct in their mail box. You can even consider a dedicated sign up page, which will make it even easier. It is also easier to drive traffic to this page from other sites and links.
  • USE A TWITTER FEED: This is similar to email subscription. Many readers who are active in into social media networks may like to receive your blog updates through their twitter account. If you are able to auto-update your twitter as your blog posts come and then putting links to subscribe to RSS, this will increase your readership and also result in the spread of the links to your blog across the internet.
  • GREAT CONTENT: Make sure that your blog has something to say. You should aim at providing quality content to your blog readers. So, content is very, very important. Never be one-sided. Make your blog communication such that your readers remain connected with you. Try to develop a two-way communication or establish a conversation with your readers so that they remain connected to you. This is what will develop loyalty and bring in the subscriptions.
  • NICHE CONTENT: Focus should be the keyword about your blog content. Develop your blog niche. The more specialized the topic of your blog, the more successful it will be. Do not write on topics which are not in line with your topic content, as you may end up losing some of your existing readers and also existing subscribers. And remember, to Edit, Edit and Edit Again, as the more you edit the tighter and more focused your posts are going to be, and the better they’re going to be for your readers.
  • UPDATE CONSTANTLY: If you want readers to return to your site again, update content regularly, and publish new content daily, or if possible, two or three posts a day. Say something fresh and maintain a tone in your blog. And stick to it! You cannot expect readers to show loyalty if you update your blog only on rare occasion. Consistency is the key to updating your blog, so that your readers will have something to look forward too and develop their loyalty. An active blog is essential to building subscribers, remember that.
  • OFFER FREEBIES: An offer of something extra on your blog, is a sure way to attract subscribers. It could be a free gift or some additional information. A free e-book on your blog’s topic is an idea or a free gift connected with your blog’s topic. The idea of the freebie is not only to be of use to the readers, but something which will add value to their experience on your blog. It should be something that will entice readers to subscribe to your blog. These freebie options can be a report, an online course or some free software. Another option is to hold a contest on your blog. This is quite popular and the winner can be awarded a prize. This is sure to increase your subscriber’s base in a big way.
  • SHARE YOUR POSTS: The popularity of your posts will depend on how much they are shared. So make it easier for readers to share your posts, place social media buttons on your posts so readers can share your blog content they enjoy with others, with just one click on the social media buttons. Include not only popular social networks buttons, but also any niche networks that are relevant to your blog.
  • GUEST BLOGGING: This is a powerful technique for building links back to your blog and increasing awareness and thereby increasing your subscription levels. Allow guest bloggers to post messages on your blog. Their readers will visit your site to read the guest bloggers write-up, and may get hooked to your blog! This will drive more traffic to your blog and your brand will gain recognition in ‘blogosphere’. The reverse is also true. You can submit your content to someone else’s blog in your niche area. This will increase your exposure and build subscribers. If your posts are attractive enough, readers will click on the link on your post and visit your blog! Do make sure that you include a short author biography at the end of your post, and do not forget to include a link back to your site.
  • PARTICIPATE IN DISCUSSION FORUMS: Find a discussion forum which has a related topic to your niche blog. Begin to actively participate in the discussions there. Readers of these forums will quickly notice if you provide valuable information and are approachable. As a result they may be inclined to visit your site or click on your link. Such discussion forums usually allow you to place a link to your website or even your RSS Feed. So this is a way to drive readers to your site.
  • DISPLAY SUBSCRIBERS NUMBERS: This is a sort of promotion for your blog. Once you have generated traffic to your blog and have subscribers, you can show off the number of subscribers. Once you reach a satisfactory number of subscribers, start to advertise it on your blog. Regular readers will mostly be aware of that number and thinks that if so many people have subscribed to the blog, it must be good. So, they may be tempted to subscribe too.
  • COMMENTING ON OTHER BLOGS: Make it a practice to comment on the blogs of others to build traffic to your blog by back linking. A simple but effective way to direct traffic to your blog.
  • ADDING TAGLINES : By simply adding a reminder sentence or a tagline at the end of every post on your blog, or even someone else’s, will increase the chances of someone reading the post, enjoying it, and ultimately subscribing to your blog get more of your information.
    These tips will help to drive traffic to your blog and ensure a steady increase in the number of subscribers.


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