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Posted on February 20th, 2012 by Deepak Dhiman


Technological advances bring about convenience, so the PC has been succeeded by the convenient laptop and now the even smaller net book. The iPad has brought about a revolution in the way media is viewed, as have digital e-book readers. Reading print is passé, in today’s technologically advanced world, that wants convenience and innovation at every step. And that is why e-books are becoming popular.

As the director of Banana, an innovative company, I have taken this small initiative to share with the world what it needs the most – easy access to information without felling trees. I therefore conceived this unique product The Business eBook that supports the Go Green initiative and assist various segments of the population ie. new entrants in IT life to entrepreneurs or established business houses making their first entry into the world of Social Media or those exploring business opportunities in the UAE.And those who still want to challenge their minds have also been taken care of.

B2B Connect is a Business e-Book that flips open with a click of mouse, is easy to use and offers convenience at your fingertips. This e-book encompasses a tremendous amount of information related to business.

Before I continue further and explain the features of B2B Connect, I would like to share with you what benefits does this e-book offers to users:

  • Right from social media strategies to email marketing strategies, from to a choice of Business Plan software to personality test.Right from social media strategies to email marketing strategies, from to a choice of Business Plan software to personality test.
  • How to go about conducting your own Webinar and Web Cast
  • A great selection of books of Brian Tracy.
  • And for those who like to engage in mind games, we have Chess and Hangman and much more.
  • Not just that, for those who wish to explore the business opportunities in the UAE, the eBook details of a large number of businesses in the UAE, all searchable with the click of a mouse.

I am confident that the above benefits truly interested you and now you are eager to know what features the B2B Connect possesses.

  1. The key feature and advantage of this Business e-book is that the entire book is searchable and you can retrieve any information in a fraction of seconds
  2. It consists of approximately 2008 pages.
  3. The B2B Connect is easy and quick to download and runs fast on almost all computers without any support as it is an EXE File.
  4. You can just flip through the book comfortably, print any page, minimize it while working, go to a specific page from the listing etc.
  5. It is very elegantly designed and is not crammed with small advertisements across the pages.
  6. It is easy to read with no zooming required to read the text.
  7. The e-book is organized and structured in such a way that it will be sheer pleasure to go through it!

Hope you all like this unique venture of mine.


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